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Bulk sms software for schools enables college directors or school principals to easily communicate with their teachers, students, parents, support staff or even suppliers to school items in a cost-effective manner. The messages are delivered to the recipients instantly at the same time.

Mobile technology makes it easy and convenient:

The advancement in mobile technology bridges the communication gap between parents and educational institute. Whether it is a kid’s school or university, bulk SMS can be used for conveying information, sending intimations, inviting people or acknowledging the transactions. This flexible platform has replaced the conventional communication channels between the educational institute and students.

Benefits of using bulk SMS

Sending reminders: By using bulk SMS, the institute can send reminders about registration, fee deposit, assignment submission deadlines, exam dates, extracurricular activities and so on.

Handling queries: By using the bulk SMS facility, the institute can interactively handle student queries. The SMS service is reasonably priced. Hence, it doesn’t cause any significant financial burden.

Handling attendance: Parents are very much concerned about the presence of their wards. Many times, the student is not allowed to appear in the examination if the attendance is below a certain limit. If there is no mechanism of knowing the attendance, the parents don’t have any control over it. Bulk SMS can be used to keep them updated about the attendance status.

For internal communication:The bulk SMS can be used quite effectively for sending internal communication to the student. It keeps the students, teachers, and parents on the same page. Since SMS doesn’t need any Internet connectivity, it always reaches to the recipient instantly.

Thus, it is evident that an educational institute can get significantly benefited by the bulk SMS facility. It is a highly useful and cost-effective mode of communication.


Dear Parent, school will remain closed on 21 Nov, 2016 due to Petrol Strike. Thanks. PRINCIPAL, Kerala Public School

Dear Parents, Kindly deposit Second Term Fee of your ward by 16 March 2020. Principal, Kerala Public School

Dear parent of Ritesh, School bus will be arriving 10 minutes late today. Kindly bear with us for inconvenience. Regards PRINCIPAL, Kerala Public School.

Dear parent, you are hereby requested to attend our PTM (Parent Teachers Meeting) on 06 March 2020 between 9am to 10am. Regards PRINCIPAL, Kerala Public School.

Dear parent, A warm welcome to our Annual Sports Day 2020 which will be held at our School premises on 06 March 2020 between 9am to 1pm. Regards PRINCIPAL, Kerala Public School.

Dear Parent of Samir Outdoor study trip of Class IX has been postponed to 12 Nov from 6th due to huge rush at venue. Regards Kerala Public School.

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